Поддержка PHP и API на uCoz

В система для создания сайтов uCoz произошло очередное обновление. Теперь пользователи могут использовать на своих сайтах язык программирования PHP (с некоторыми ограничениями).

Решение несколько отличается от исполнения скриптов PHP на обычном хостинге. В данном случае, после активации услуги PHP, на отдельном сервере (на котором собственно и будет исполняться PHP-код, взаимодействующий с основным сайтом через API), создается учетная запись для сайта. Загрузка PHP-скриптов и других данных осуществляется по протоколу FTP в специальную директорию scripts. В теле страницы сайта PHP скрипт может быть подключен следующим образом:

Подробнее о тонкостях работы функций можно узнать из инструкции и описания использования API для uCoz.

Among other groups supporting the proposal there were Consumer Reports and the American Hospital Association. Dr. Once you understand the risk, you need to then work with an outsourcing firm to develop a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) if the main office becomes inaccessible in an attack. This outsourcer needs to be able to prove a higher degree of preparedness in an attack, and more defensible systems..

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In contrast, my government was decisive enough to expel them. As President, I could not just stand by while the rebels ate up more and more of the country's territory they were not elected to govern. In this instance, Carr makes an expansionist argument when he claims that "traditional thinking about warfare has been made obsolete by our dependence upon cyber space time." In a previous essay, he cited a NATO study of the legal lessons learned as a result of the 2008 cyber attacks against the country of Georgia. That report concluded that the cyber attacks, by themselves, did not count as "armed attack" (the legal term for what we colloquially call an "act of war";) under current definitions in the LOAC.

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Other lessons from the military include some of the protections against accidental war or nuclear events, such as requiring multiple people, at multiple sites, to agree to a critical action. The "no lone zone" principle used with nuclear weapons and nuclear command control is appropriate; no single person is ever allowed access without being monitored by at least one other cleared person..

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